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Member Awards Day
 May 05, 2017

The history of the education enterprise in Tennessee is very rich.  Visiting the past will enable us to embrace who we are and appreciate this great enterprise. Your personal story is a thread in the fabric that has made our nation great!


Wayne Qualls has 48 years experience in politics and practice of Tennessee education.  They include teaching 50 students in one classroom all day, principal in country 4 room school, elected superintendent, Commissioner of Education for Tennessee, Ast. to Chancellor at Tenn. board of Regents, and Ex. director for TSSE representing 83 Tenn. school districts.

Wayne and his wife Jean have two sons who are both educators and 5 grandchildren.


Wayne Qualls, Former TN Commissioner of Education
 May 12, 2017
Lewis Rankin and Suzie Lindsey
 May 19, 2017
Memorial Day Weekend - No Meeting
 May 26, 2017