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Chuck Blackburn is rarely seen out in public without a bow tie and is a true international ambassador for bow ties.

He is also the Founder of the International Bow Tie Society and he is bestowing his knowledge of bow ties to everyone with his new book “The Bow Tie Bible – A Seriously Funny Guide to How to Bow Tie.”

bow-tie-bible-2“The Bow Tie Bible” is currently available at Landmark Booksellers and will be more widely available throughout Williamson County soon.

About Chuck Blackburn

Blackburn grew up and graduated college in Texas. He and his wife, Congressman Marsha Blackburn, live in Brentwood.

Chuck has been a fan of bow ties all his life. Decades ago he owned a manufacturers’ representative firm providing fine tailored clothing, accessories and high-quality neckwear (including bow ties) to the best men’s specialty shops in a 12-state area surrounding Chicago. He became aware then that more often than not, manufacturers and specialty shop owners treated bow ties as an afterthought (a by-product to the long silk “bibs” most men wore).

Manufacturers and retailers did this because bow tie wearers’ strong preference and lack of credible information and variety of choice. That is, until now, with the International Bow Tie Society.

You’ll have to buy “The Bow Tie Bible” to get all of Chuck’s bow tie expertise, but here are a few of his bow tie commandments, shared via the International Bow Tie Society:

1.Thou shalt not wear pre-tied or ‘clip-on’ bow ties.
2.Thou shalt NOT wear bow ties horizontally wider or vertically taller than your eye sockets.
3.Thou shalt NOT wear bow ties so neat and symmetrical as to appear pre-tied.
4.Thou shalt NOT wait past age 12 to learn how to properly tie a bow tie.

Chuck Blackburn
Feb 17, 2017

George and Sara Davis stood in the street on a recent fall day, sharing a light moment with friends outside their Brentwood home.

Two couples, smiling and laughing, feeling good about the world on a picture perfect fall day.

Not long ago, this scene would have been hard to imagine because Sara couldn't walk.

Her only means of getting around was a wheelchair, and on some days, only with great effort, a walker.

"Lots of pain, reliance on the wheelchair. It was hard on the family. I had to give up my career," she said.

Sara's husband, George, took photos of his wife to chronicle an impossible journey that started in 2000 on an ambiguous and bumpy road that wouldn't end until 14 and a half years later.

Sara Davis
Feb 24, 2017

Respire Haiti was founded by 24 year old Megan Boudreaux. After previously visiting Gressier only one time before for 45 minutes, God began working in her heart. Later, when she returned to the United States, He began to pull her heart back towards Gressier and its children. In December of 2010, God gave Megan a vision for this community and their children. With so many children not attending school and so many families struggling to provide for their kids, she moved to Gressier permanently in January of 2011 and began helping the children and people of Gressier.

Megan Boudreaux
Mar 03, 2017
Jerry Park, author and photographer
Mar 10, 2017

The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum seeks to collect, preserve, and interpret the evolving history and traditions of country music. Through exhibits, publications, and educational programs, the museum teaches its diverse audiences about the enduring beauty and cultural importance of country music.

About the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum

The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum adds a strikingly modern touch to the Nashville skyline and is situated at the epicenter of the city’s rapidly growing core, a block from the popular honky-tonks of Broadway, across the street from Bridgestone Arena and Music City Center, and adjacent to the Omni Hotel. The museum, called the “Smithsonian of country music” because of its unrivaled collection,  recently unveiled a $100 million expansion, doubling its size to 350,000 square feet of dynamic state-of-the-art galleries, archival storage, education classrooms, retail stores, and special event space boasting stunning downtown views.


Ben Hall
Mar 17, 2017

Brink Fidler

  • B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice from The University of Tennessee – Knoxville - 1997
  • Joined the Metro Nashville Police Department in 1998
  • Worked as an officer, sergeant and eventually became the Director of the Drug Task Force
  • Majority of law enforcement career was in narcotics enforcement
  • He has directed and supervised hundreds of court ordered wiretaps, thousands of hours of both physical and electronic surveillance, and hundreds of search warrants throughout the United States
  • He has been involved in the planning and execution of well over a thousand search warrants and felony takedowns
  • Served as an adjunct firearms and tactics instructor for 11 years
  • In 2015 left law enforcement to become the Lead Project Manager for Bison Home Builders
  • 2017 founded Defend Systems, a life safety and security consulting firm specializing in emergency and intruder action plans

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Brink Fidler
Mar 24, 2017
Brentwood High School Speech and Debate Team
Mar 31, 2017
Club Assembly
Apr 07, 2017
Apr 08, 2017
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Good Friday - No Meeting
Apr 14, 2017

There are many pitfalls to avoid in the college planning process, and the biggest is waiting too late to start.  Steve will discuss 5 key steps that you can take right now to begin the process to reduce the cost of college for your children or grandchildren.


Steve & Hollie Holt
Apr 21, 2017

In many ways Cuba hasn’t changed since Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries took control of the country in 1959. A visit to the island that sits 90 miles from Florida is like stepping back in time.  But the recent removal of travel restrictions for U.S. citizens and Raul Castro’s un-tightening of business ownership rules is bringing change. Thomson visited Havana in January of this year and will share his photos and insights from the Cuban people he met there.  He will also provide tips for people interested in visiting Cuba.

Tom Thomson
Apr 28, 2017
Member Awards Day
May 05, 2017

The history of the education enterprise in Tennessee is very rich.  Visiting the past will enable us to embrace who we are and appreciate this great enterprise. Your personal story is a thread in the fabric that has made our nation great!


Wayne Qualls has 48 years experience in politics and practice of Tennessee education.  They include teaching 50 students in one classroom all day, principal in country 4 room school, elected superintendent, Commissioner of Education for Tennessee, Ast. to Chancellor at Tenn. board of Regents, and Ex. director for TSSE representing 83 Tenn. school districts.

Wayne and his wife Jean have two sons who are both educators and 5 grandchildren.


Wayne Qualls, Former TN Commissioner of Education
May 12, 2017
Lewis Rankin and Suzie Lindsey
May 19, 2017
Memorial Day Weekend - No Meeting
May 26, 2017
Annual Scholarship Program
Jun 02, 2017
George Johnson
Jun 09, 2017

Club President Dale Lewelling will give the club a presentation on US naval aviation, specifically flight operations on a US aircraft carrier.  Dale will share his own experiences as a career navy pilot as well as information, photos, and videos he's collected over the years.

Dale Lewelling
Jun 16, 2017
Jun 19, 2017
10:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Jun 22, 2017
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Fourth of July - No meeting
Jun 30, 2017

Igor V. Babailov, Hon. RAA, is a world-renowned American portrait painter, Honorary Academician of the
Russian Academy of Arts (est. 1757), and one of the most sought after portrait artists of our times.
Deemed Living Master by his contemporaries, he was selected to paint legacy portraits of three living
Presidents of three countries, two living Prime Ministers, members of the noble families and British Royalty,
and three living Popes for the Vatican.
His notable commissioned portrait subjects include President George W. Bush (Bush Presidential Library),
Hillary R. Clinton (Clinton Presidential Library), Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II, now a
Saint (all three for the Vatican), His Royal Highness Prince Andrew The Duke of York (Buckingham Palace,
London), President Vladimir Putin (Kremlin), Patriarch Kirill of Russia (Moscow Patriarchia), Nelson Mandela
(Presidential Collection, South Africa), Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney (Parliament Hill, Ottawa),
Prime Minister Jean Chretien (Power Corporation), Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York (Giuliani Partners);
Isadore Sharp, Founder & CEO – Headquarters of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts; Gov. Mark Carney,
Governor of the Bank of England; The Honorable Joseph P. Sullivan (Supreme Court of New York), Film
director Akira Kurosawa (commissioned by Kurosawa Productions, Tokyo, Japan) and many other prominent
figures for prestigious collections.
In 2009, the new portrait of George Washington by Igor Babailov was officially inducted into George
Washington’s Mount Vernon Museum, and U.S. General and CIA Director David Petraeus presented the artist
with the Award ‘For Excellence’ for the work on his official legacy portrait (West Point Museum).
In 2010, Vatican Curator, Roberto Zagnoli, acknowledged Igor Babailov as ‘Maestro’ when his Vatican portrait
of Pope Benedict XVI was selected by the Pope for the Vatican Splendors international museum tour. Babailov
was honored to be the only living artist in the exhibition, as his papal portrait hung alongside the works of
Michelangelo, Bernini, Giotto and other Great Masters of the Renaissance.
In 2015, the TN Senate and House of Representatives passed Resolution No.69 “to recognize Igor Babailov
and celebrate his artistic achievements.” This Bill was signed into Law by Governor Haslam.
Child prodigy, Igor Babailov began his formal classical art training at the age of nine, studying with leading
Masters of traditional painting and drawing. In the span of sixteen years (1974-1990), Babailov attained the
highest level of fine art education and received his Master of Fine Arts degree (official Ph.D equivalent in the
U.S.) under the historic Russian Academy of Arts (est.1757), which taught and gave the world many
outstanding Masters of portraiture, including Repin, Serov and the great American artist, James Abbott McNeill
Whistler. Babailov’s fine art education especially contributed to his unparalleled skill in academic drawing (or
drawing from life), which today is a fundamental challenge for many painters.
Recipient of national and international awards and honors, Babailov is an advocate for timeless values in the
academic tradition of portrait painting. He has taught at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and has been
invited to lecture and demonstrate his artistic skills at universities, art venues and private clubs.
Member of the National Arts Club in New York City and member of the Russian Nobility Association in
America, he is active in charity works, especially those for children’s causes. In 2016, Igor Babailov was
honored with the Knighthood of the Order of St. John and the International Academy of Culture and Art
awarded him the Order “For Service to Art” (The Golden Star).
Igor Babailov maintains his mid-south portrait studio in the United States and travels extensively to the
schedule and convenience of his clients' locations nationally and around the world.

Maestro Igor Babailov
Jul 07, 2017

In the state of Tennessee, 94 teens a month are deceived, tormented and sold, usually for sex. With your support, we can help end human trafficking through training professionals to recognize victims, prevention programs for at-risk youth, addressing needed systemic changes state wide and providing comprehensive, specialized aftercare for survivors of this horrific crime.

Stacy Elliott, MSW
Jul 14, 2017
Jul 20, 2017
4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Myers Brown - State of Tennessee Archivist
Jul 21, 2017
Larry Kain followed by Kaavya Thanigaivelan
Jul 28, 2017

Michael J. Tucker grew up in the cold northern climate of Pittsburgh, PA, and an only child, he was often trapped indoors and left to his own devices, where he would create space ships out of cardboard boxes, convert his mother’s ironing board into a horse and put on his Sunday suit and tie and his father’s fedora and become a newspaper reporter or police detective. This experience left him with an unlimited imagination and the ability to write electrifying short stories and novels. 
Mike is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, Aquarius Falling and Capricorn’s Collapse. His published short stories available on Amazon are: Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon, The New Neighbor, The Hemingway Notes, The King’s Man, and the Amazon best selling short story series, Katie Savage, and The Gardner Painting: A Katie Savage Story. In addition to his poetry collection, Your Voice Spoke To My Ear, his work also appears in the Civil War Anthology, Filtered Through Time, and By Blood or By Marriage, a Harpeth River Writers Anthology. 
Reviewers of Mike’s novels have compared his writing to: Thomas Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons, and J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. 
Albert Beckus, Professor Emeritus of Literature at Austin Peay University recently wrote of his novels: “They move naturalistically in the American literary tradition of Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy, but with a twist…as found in The Great Gatsby.”


Mike Tucker - Author
Aug 04, 2017

We are a faith-based nonprofit creating partnerships to build affordable homes, stronger communities, and life-changing opportunities for hard-working families in Williamson and Maury Counties.

Kim Randell
Aug 11, 2017