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Jun 29, 2018

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Jul 06, 2018

Professional Soccer in Nashville

Jul 13, 2018

Our Project in Honduras

Jul 20, 2018

The Tennessee Department of Transportation

John Schroer was appointed Commissioner of Transportation by Governor Bill Haslam in January 2011. He is the 29th commissioner of the state agency that oversees a statewide transportation system including highways, rail, airports, waterways and transit.

A former school board member, Commissioner Schroer has continued his commitment to education by implementing TDOT Reconnect, offering support services like transcript review, program and financial aid advisement for employees who want to go back to school and the creation of a TDOT specific certificate, in partnership with the Board of Regents and Tennessee College of Applied Technology. The Commissioner says his proudest accomplishment to date has been supporting 173 TDOT employees who went back to school to get their GEDs.

Under Commissioner Schroer, TDOT has remained debt-free and has saved taxpayers more than $610 million dollars by reexamining and reducing the scope of projects from wants to needs. In 2017, Commissioner Schroer worked with Governor Bill Haslam to develop and pass the IMPROVE Act to provide increased funding for transportation for the first time in 30 years. The legislation will fund 962 road and bridge projects across all 95 counties and will provide an additional $105 million annually for cities and counties to support local infrastructure needs.

On the national level, Commissioner Schroer serves as the 2017/2018 President of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), an organization composed of peers from all DOTs across the nation. In this leadership role, he will continue to focus on sustainable transportation funding solutions and ensuring states are prepared for emerging transportation technology.

Previous to his state service, Commissioner Schroer served as the Mayor of Franklin, Tennessee. His public service experience also includes being a board member of the Franklin Special School District and the Tennessee School Board Association.

Commissioner Schroer received a bachelor's degree in business from Indiana University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. He spent ten years in the commercial real estate financing business before beginning a real estate development business in Franklin. Commissioner Schroer and his wife, Marianne, have three children and one grandson and are members of Franklin First United Methodist Church.

Jul 27, 2018

The Promise - an NPR podcast series about Nashville's James Cayce Homes

About The Promise

The Promise is a limited-run series from Nashville Public Radio about life in public housing, smack in the middle of a city on the rise. Reported from the James Cayce Homes, these are stories of a neighborhood in flux, a community defined by its struggles, and the growing divide threatening its very existence.

About Meribah Knight

Meribah is the reporter and producer of The Promise. She is a WPLN staff reporter with a track record of award-winning journalism. Her writing and radio stories have appeared on NPR, Marketplace, Here and Now, The PBS Newshour, as well as in The New Yorker, The New York Times, O, The Oprah Magazine, Utne Reader, Crain's Chicago Business, Chicago Magazine and The Chicago Reader.

Aug 03, 2018

The State of our Rotary District

Aug 10, 2018

My Father's Business

The first-person account of the family that changed the American retail landscape.

Longtime Dollar General CEO Cal Turner, Jr. shares his extraordinary life as heir to the company founded by his father, Cal Turner, Sr., and his grandfather, a dirt farmer turned Depression-era entrepreneur. Cal's narrative is at its heart a father-son story, from his childhood in Scottsville, Kentucky, where business and family were one, to the triumph of reaching the Fortune 300--at the cost of risking that very father/son relationship. Cal shares how the small-town values with which he was raised helped him guide Dollar General from family enterprise to national powerhouse.
Chronicling three generations of a successful family with very different leadership styles, Cal Jr. shares a wealth of wisdom from a lifetime on the entrepreneurial front lines. He shows how his grandfather turned a third-grade education into an asset for success. He reveals how his driven father hatched the game-changing dollar price point strategy and why it worked. And he explains how he found his own leadership style when he took his place at the helm--values-based, people-oriented, and pragmatic. Cal's story provides a riveting look at the family love and drama behind Dollar General's spectacular rise, pays homage to the working-class people whose no-frills needs helped determine its rock-bottom prices, and shares the life and lessons of one of America's most compelling business leaders.
Aug 17, 2018

Golf Tournament Wrap up

Aug 24, 2018

Neurosurgery: Opening the Windows of the Mind

Reid C. Thompson, M.D. has served as the William F. Meacham Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center since 2010. He is also Director of Neurosurgical Oncology at Vanderbilt and has served as Director of the Vanderbilt Brain Tumor Research Center since 2002. His clinical and research interests are focused on brain tumors. He graduated magna cum laude with a degree in the Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Dr. Thompson received his M.D. in 1989 from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He completed the Halsted Internship in General Surgery and Residency in Neurological Surgery between 1989 and 1995 at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He then completed a one-year fellowship in Cerebrovascular Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine. In 1997, Dr. Thompson moved to Los Angeles where he was one of the founding members of the Neurosurgical Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He became an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at University of California at Irvine before being recruited to Vanderbilt in 2002. Dr. Thompson is an active neurosurgeon with a high volume intracranial clinical practice. He has done over 4000 craniotomies. His clinical areas of interest include the spectrum of brain tumors from benign to malignant, primary and metastatic as well as complex skull base tumors. His research is funded by the NIH, is highly collaborative with faculty in the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt and is focused on enhancing surgical treatment of brain tumors through development of novel intra-operative imaging strategies.

Aug 31, 2018

The Rotary response to The Sevier County Firestorm

On 28 November 2016, high winds blew through the drought-stricken area around Gatlinburg, Tennessee, whipping a few isolated wildfires in Great Smoky Mountains National Park into a massive natural disaster.

“The whole horizon was aglow,” says Roy Helton, a member of the Rotary Club of Pigeon Forge. “My wife and I were taking turns getting up, checking to make sure the fire wasn’t getting close to our home. We have roughly 100,000 people in Sevier County, and I don’t think any of us slept very well that night.”


The Heltons were lucky, but many others weren’t. The fire raced through the towns around Gatlinburg, destroying more than 2,400 structures. It spread over 17,000 acres so quickly that 14 people were trapped and killed, while others had to flee their homes. Around 14,000 people were evacuated from the area and not allowed to return for a week. Many lost everything, including their jobs. Gatlinburg, which sits on the edge of the national park, is a major tourist destination with millions of visitors each year, but in the aftermath of the fires, many stayed away. 

“This wasn’t a regular forest fire,” says Jerry Wear, also a member of the Pigeon Forge club. “It was a firestorm.” Most fires, he notes, leave debris such as charred stoves and cars. But the Gatlinburg fire “was so intense, they melted.”

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