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Tony Turnbow, author Feb 15, 2019
Hardened to Hickory: The Missing Chapter in Andrew Jackson's Life
Unpublished documents reveal an Andrew Jackson who committed mutiny and shed tears as he thought his mistakes would lead to the deaths of teenage soldiers under his command. Indians saved him. The backwoods Jackson, who had never commanded a battle, presumed to take on the mantle of General George Washington.

Before Jackson became the next general to drive the British Army from American soil, he first had to defeat the commander of the U.S. Army, General James Wilkinson. Wilkinson embodied a privileged and unproductive establishment. Worse, he had sold his loyalty to work as a spy known as "Agent 13" on the payroll of a European enemy. It was a battle of wits and wills between two American titans. The missing piece of Jackson's biography is how he was transformed into "Old Hickory" by challenges that would have crushed almost anyone else, an intense will to succeed, and an ability to recover from his own mistakes.


Tony L. Turnbow has studied the history of the Natchez Trace for more than 30 years. He practices law in Franklin, Tennessee. With a Bachelor of Arts and a concentration in southern U.S. history from Vanderbilt University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tennessee College of Law, he has continued to use his training to explore unpublished primary sources about the Natchez Trace. He authored "The Natchez Trace in the War of 1812" in The Journal of Mississippi History, and he has published articles in the Tennessee Historical Quarterly and the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation journal "We Proceeded On." He also wrote a full-length play "Inquest on the Natchez Trace" about the mysterious death of explorer Meriwether Lewis. In the course of writing a book about Lewis's death, Mr. Turnbow discovered unpublished accounts of Andrew Jackson's 1813 Natchez Expedition.

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Chris Hope, Author and former Tennessee Titan Mar 01, 2019
PROS: Parents Relying on their Seeds
PROS: Parents Relying on their Seeds

Through his experiences on and off the field, former Tennesse Titan and Super Bowl champion for the Steelers, Chris Hope, provides practical, inspirational, and biblical answers to show you how to set healthy boundaries with your parents, spouse, children, friends, coworkers, and especially with yourself. In P.R.O.S. Hope shows you how to bring health to your relationships, You’ll discover how to reclaim your freedom to walk as the loving, giving, fulfilled individual God created you to be.

Jaynee Day, President & CEO Mar 08, 2019
Second Harvest Food Bank
Second Harvest Food Bank

We talk about food insecurity a lot. Over 360,000 Middle and West Tennesseans are food insecure, our feeding programs aid food-insecure families, children, and seniors, and every year we strive to lower food insecurity rates in our community. But do you know what food insecurity means? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), food insecurity is a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. Under the umbrella of food insecurity, the USDA differentiates between low food security and very low food security. Someone facing low food security is eating a diet of reduced quality and variety. For example, a family who relies on fast food for the convenience and low price has low food security. They’re eating meals, but those meals are low in quality and nutrients. A person facing very low food security not only has reduced access to nutritious food but also goes through times where there is nothing to eat. This could be a senior whose SNAP benefits run out toward the end of the month, so they go without eating until their next check arrives. In Middle Tennessee, we see a full range of food insecurity. It’s through your support that we can help our neighbors in need and bring the number of food-insecure individuals in Middle and West Tennessee down to zero.

Brentwood 50th Anniversary Mar 15, 2019
Rhyan Preyer Mar 22, 2019
STEM Scouts Program
STEM Scouts Program


Of the 312 pilots and scientists previously selected as astronauts since 1959, 180 were Scouts at one time. The new STEM Scouts pilot program would like to dwarf this number with astronauts produced by our STEM Scouts program. As you may now be aware, we are well on our way and a have mission to Mars Camp coming up in April of this year. However, before we can get our girls and boys into space we need to teach them how to use existing and developing technologies to build self-sustaining colonies. This requires for example, building self-sustaining energy grids, infrastructure, and micro economies. We believe this is where STEM Scouts comes in.

 Our STEM Scouts program is focused on incorporating new and existing technologies into a curriculum that, prepares the future space travelers of earth,  with a curriculum that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math while reinforcing the time-honored traditions of the Scout Oath and Law. Moreover, the program is open to both boys and girls in grades 3-12, outside of school hours. Our individual Lab groupings are called "Labs." Our program breaks Lab groups into three categories: elementary (3rd-5th); middle school (6th-8th); and high school (6th-12th). Labs meet weekly for an hour and a half and are led by volunteers (trained by our staff). The students and their two volunteer leaders (Lab Managers) choose the 4-6 week modules they want to study. Modules cover a variety of disciplines through hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities and experiments. STEM will provide most if not all necessary instructions, materials, and supplies for the Lab science experiments. In addition, we work to incorporate STEM professionals as guest speakers.

After building this amazing program over the last three years, we believe that STEM Scouting provides a no-pressure, inquiry-based environment for a wide range of students, their friends, and their parents that and cultivates a passion for STEM sciences. Our Nashville and regional markets have revealed that the local STEM business community itself is acknowledging, and taking action, to involve local youth, especially young women, in the STEM sciences to address the disparity of employees to fill the explosion of STEM jobs in the global economy. Our local STEM Scouts program currently serves over 280 STEM scouts; almost half are young ladies. We are personally very enthusiastic about this amazing organizational mile stone! We hope to explore serving the youth of our planet together! 

Senator Marsha Blackburn Mar 29, 2019
Brentwood High School Speech and Debate Team Apr 05, 2019
Annual Four Way Test Speech Contest
Judy Good, Marketing Dir.The Heritage at Brentwood Apr 12, 2019
Senior Living
Senior Living

Judy has over 20 years of senior living marketing experience and has been with The Heritage since 2010. She and her staff educate prospective residents on the differences regarding senior housing options in the greater Nashville area. Judy views her responsibility as assisting prospective residents, adult children, and their advisors to understand the various options available. With Judy’s guidance, they can feel confident in their selection of a Life Plan Community, resulting in an exceptional lifestyle, peace of mind, and financial security.

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Miss Tennessee Christine Williamson May 17, 2019
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Rotary Scholarship Awards Program
Lewis Rankin and Suzie Lindsey Jun 14, 2019
Brentwood Rotary Community Grants (formerly known as Pancake Day Disbursements)
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Installation Banquet Week
Jim, Brentwood Reboot Combat Recovery Jul 12, 2019
Brentwood Reboot Combat Recovery
Larry Kain Jul 19, 2019
Golf Tournament Wrap up
Golf Tournament Wrap up