STEM Scouts Program
Mar 22, 2019
Rhyan Preyer
STEM Scouts Program


Of the 312 pilots and scientists previously selected as astronauts since 1959, 180 were Scouts at one time. The new STEM Scouts pilot program would like to dwarf this number with astronauts produced by our STEM Scouts program. As you may now be aware, we are well on our way and a have mission to Mars Camp coming up in April of this year. However, before we can get our girls and boys into space we need to teach them how to use existing and developing technologies to build self-sustaining colonies. This requires for example, building self-sustaining energy grids, infrastructure, and micro economies. We believe this is where STEM Scouts comes in.

 Our STEM Scouts program is focused on incorporating new and existing technologies into a curriculum that, prepares the future space travelers of earth,  with a curriculum that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math while reinforcing the time-honored traditions of the Scout Oath and Law. Moreover, the program is open to both boys and girls in grades 3-12, outside of school hours. Our individual Lab groupings are called "Labs." Our program breaks Lab groups into three categories: elementary (3rd-5th); middle school (6th-8th); and high school (6th-12th). Labs meet weekly for an hour and a half and are led by volunteers (trained by our staff). The students and their two volunteer leaders (Lab Managers) choose the 4-6 week modules they want to study. Modules cover a variety of disciplines through hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities and experiments. STEM will provide most if not all necessary instructions, materials, and supplies for the Lab science experiments. In addition, we work to incorporate STEM professionals as guest speakers.

After building this amazing program over the last three years, we believe that STEM Scouting provides a no-pressure, inquiry-based environment for a wide range of students, their friends, and their parents that and cultivates a passion for STEM sciences. Our Nashville and regional markets have revealed that the local STEM business community itself is acknowledging, and taking action, to involve local youth, especially young women, in the STEM sciences to address the disparity of employees to fill the explosion of STEM jobs in the global economy. Our local STEM Scouts program currently serves over 280 STEM scouts; almost half are young ladies. We are personally very enthusiastic about this amazing organizational mile stone! We hope to explore serving the youth of our planet together!