Tuckers House
Sep 20, 2019
Sunny Rosanbalm
Tuckers House

Sunny Rosanbalm, Founder and Executive Director

Sunny Rosanbalm is the Founder and Executive Director of Tucker’s House, a non-profit that partners with families of children with disabilities by making their homes safer and wheelchair accessible. Her training in architectural design and years of experience in construction management coupled with her personal experiences as Tucker’s grandmother inspired Sunny to address an immense and virtually unmet need: affordable access to safe, accessible, and therapy friendly homes for children with special needs and their caregivers. Sunny and husband Mike live south of Nashville, Tennessee and are the proud grandparents of 17 children.  

Since 2009, the mission of Tucker’s House has been to partner with the families of children with disabilities by providing the home renovation and retrofitting services and resources necessary to make their homes safe and more accessible, and we continue to be the only agency in Middle Tennessee that offers this kind of critical care to a much-underserved population.

Every year, our Assess and Retrofit Program rescues approximately 30 Middle Tennessee families of children with disabilities ages 2-22 (120 people) from emotional and physical trauma by providing a safe and accessible environment that is conducive to greatest independence for the child. A pediatric therapist and an architectural designer meet with each family to develop an individualized plan which takes into consideration the current diagnosis/prognosis of the child, the needs of all caregivers, and the current conditions of the home. Caregivers can lift a child (many as heavy as adults) up to 5,000 times a year and struggle with chronic pain of their own, putting all involved at high risk for major physical injury and emotional distress. Imagine the guilt and anxiety caused to all involved if a child is dropped or if a caregiver is severely injured.

Once the retrofit plan is developed, a project manager oversees all aspects involved in implementing the retrofit including budget, schedules, and volunteer involvement. Once the project is completed, family members are trained on how to use their new equipment and space. 

Life-changing projects can include solid surface flooring, ramps, roll-in showers, widened doorways, and lifts. Many of the families Tucker’s House serves have experienced a 100% reduction in the number of physical lifts required each year which equates to far fewer injuries, more time to engage in quality family activities, and an all-around greater quality of life. There is a great need for affordable retrofit services for these at-risk families, and Tucker’s House currently has a year-long waiting list.


For more information, please visit our website at www.tuckershouse.org