The Fair Tax
Aug 25, 2017
Kip Dodson
The Fair Tax

We all know club member Kip Dodson as a successful entrepreneur, but he also serves as the Executive Director of the FAIRtax of TN Group.  During this time of national discussion about tax reform, Kip will speak to the club about the FAIRtax. 

Strategic planning, ideal operations, and solving business, sales, marketing/advertising problems has been a main focus throughout Kip's career. His first professional career started as an Imagineer at Walt Disney World - job title was maintenance engineering co-op and his office was behind China in EPCOT Center. After 18 months there, Rockwell Automation then lured him away, where he started his 23 year career. Kip out-performed in his duties for multiple Fortune 500 firms as he established himself as a unique leader. 

He later became an entrepreneur building uniquely strong businesses. One is A Moment's Peace Salon & Day Spa in Franklin, TN, which for the last 15 years is the best within its segments. A Moment’s Peace employs 55 staff, services 50,000 client appointments per year and it has grown three times over since 2004. In concert with his wife Koren they have made it truly unique.