Allergy and Asthma Specialist
Oct 18, 2019
Dr Bruce L. Wolf, MD
Allergy and Asthma Specialist

Dr. Bruce Wolf has 30+ years of experience as an asthma and allergy specialist. He has also maintained a Vanderbilt faculty appointment. Throughout his career, he has also been passionate about medication access. Dr. Wolf founded and managed the non-profits the Dispensary of Hope (www.dispensary of and Hope Beyond Hope ( The Dispensary began with a handful of doctors sharing some of the samples they received from pharmaceutical companies. Under Dr. Wolf’s leadership, the organization grew and now distributes free medications – excess drug samples as well as overproduced branded and generic medication - to 144 indigent clinics and their patients across 30 states. Hope Beyond Hope was created with a broader platform and broader ambitions to change healthcare delivery in America, chiefly around medication access.

While Dr. Wolf’s altruism initially focused on indigent patients, over time as healthcare costs rose and the burden of costs shifted to the payer, he came to realize that we are all indigent when it comes to affording healthcare! This epiphany led Dr. Wolf to create a for-profit company, Milligram, which developed powerful software analytics that can help minimize the cost of medications not only for patients but for at-risk providers such as self-insured employers and governments. Healthcare, healthcare costs and healthcare reform are all hot issues nowadays. In his talk, “ Excuse Me, Did You Say Your Medication Was Expensive?” Dr. Wolf will delve into those topics and offer up some insight, perspective, and possible solutions to the dilemma of rising medication costs and ways of affordability.