A Tennesse Portrait
Aug 23, 2019
Jerry Park, Author
A Tennesse Portrait

Jerry Park is a Southerner. Born and raised. His soul forever imprinted by his heritage. That means there’s a story in everything he sees, and he tries to tell it in the resulting photograph. Tradition, loss, hope, tragedy, family and foolishness - all the themes we are drawn to in the best of southern literature, historical and fictional. He offers the viewer a glimpse into that lush mosaic by looking at images. He also often accompanies his photographs with written expressions - short stories, essays, poems - brought to the surface by his own contemplation of the print.   Collected and exhibited around the country.  Published in books, magazines, and newspapers.  Contact info: jerryparkphotograph.com or jerryppark@comcast.net.


His new book, A Tennessee Portrait, is the result of two years and over 10,000 miles of wandering around the backroads with camera and pen in hand.  Through photographs and short stories, Portrait offers a unique combination of image and word to anyone who appreciates heritage, beautiful scenery, and a good yarn.